Research & Development department has played a key role in the Peyman Etesal Spadana success story since the company pioneered.

By developing innovative formulations and new product ideas, Peyman Etesal Spadana R&D center ensures that the company maintains its competitive advantage of high quality and superior technology while our business continues to grow.

To sharpen our focus on innovation, we have placed research and development in the heart of our strategy and placed our business into various key product categories such as nano based products (elastomer rubbers, oils and coatings). Chemical R&D center of Peyman Etesal Spadana is equipped with the advanced laboratory of chemistry and high quality facilities to serve the needs of our research staff.

The main activities of chemical R&D center of Peyman Etesal Spadana include the following aspects:

  • Research and design experiments to provide new technologies or new uses for existing technologies
  • Process optimization and acquisition of technical knowledge for production
  • Creating new products and expansion of product basket
  • Mechanical and chemical tests for different types of products
  • Trouble shooting and quality improvement
  • Quality control and stability study
  • Documentation

Peyman Etesal Spadana has strong links with academia and works closely with high ranking universities in Iran on various scientific research projects.

Contact number: +989131261175