The Advantages of the ESP Joining Technique at a Glance:

  • Joints can be checked without damage
  • No consumable items
  • Low energy use
  • No thermal load on joining zone
  • Interim layers of film or adhesive can be incorporated in most cases
  • No pre/post treatment required, e.g. no pre-clinng or subsequent removal of spray deposits from around the joint
  • Very good joint reproducibility
  • Environmentally friendly workplace, no fmes or noise
  • Minimum maintenance costs

Sheet Metal Joining System

Inexpensively join sheet metals fast and easy with No Fumes, and No Sparks!

Quickly clinch sheet metals that are dissimilar, pre-painted raw, galvanized, etc. In ONE press with simple stroke!

Advantages over traditional metal joiners:

  • No fasteners required.
  • Strong fatigue resistant Joints.
  • Exceptional tool life.
  • Non-Destructive checking.


World Wide Use in:




steel frame housing

and Other Products ...

Compare Clinching and other techniques ( Source :

Spot Clinch

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